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About US

ADL Dental Labs is a full-service dental laboratory that has been in the business for over 47 years located in Markham, Ontario owned and operated by the same family since 1976. Quality, consistency and communication are the cornerstones of our long-standing service to our customers supporting them in providing the best care and service to their patients.  It is this continuity that enables us to maintain the high quality of our work and gives our clients confidence that we will deliver the right fit the first time, every time.

Our expertise

Our dental technicians have a breadth of experience in all dental lab services including:

CAD/CAM, dental printing and milling, IOS systems

Crown and bridge

Implant restorations and surgical templates

All denture and removable products

Combination cases

Full arch cases

ADL Dental Labs takes pride in staying on the cutting edge of dental technology by continuously investing in training for our team of dental technicians and the latest technology.  Our technicians are experts in challenging full mouth and combination cases.


ADL Dental Labs is rapidly gaining recognition in North America as a premier implant restoration resource dental lab.  From single anterior implant restorations, locator bars, to full arch zirconia, we do it all.  ADL Dental Labs works with all implant systems and accepts digital scan files. We provide flat fees to make it easier to quote patients.  We work with custom titanium/gold hue screw-retained cementable abutments.

We have recently acquired the latest Zirkonzahn® milling machine which will allow us to mill custom implant abutments in-house while still utilizing all original manufacturer components.  It is compatible with most major implant systems. The benefits of our in-house custom implant abutments include:

More control and faster turnaround time

(avoiding potential manufacturer delays)

Optimize design for better aesthetic results

Competitive pricing for custom abutments


Our removable department has extensive experience in dentures, integration of implants (bar) over dentures, cast partials, flexible dentures and nightguards.  The department is composed primarily of senior denture technicians and denturists. Our lead denture technician has over 40 years of experience as a denture technician and is a great technical partner to trouble shoot cases with you.


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