, ADL Dental Laboratories Will See You in Chicago!

ADL Dental Laboratories Will See You in Chicago!

11 Feb 2019 News

The American Academy of Implant Dentistry is hosting the Chicago AAID MaxiCourse on February 21 – February 23, 2019! The MaxiCourse is a 300+ hour AAID course which is designed to give a thorough understanding of diagnostic and treatment modalities need to properly treat patients with dental implants. The MaxiCourse will achieve this through lectures, demonstrations, interactive seminars hands-on sessions and reviewing evidence-based learning literature.

ADL Dental Laboratories is excited to be a part of this exciting course! We will be present in Chicago to answer your questions and take part in the MaxiCourse. If you are a dentist, prosthodontist or dental professional, with questions about our services, contact our dental lab in Niagara Falls, New York. We are thrilled to operate as a full service and fully digital implant resource lab for over 40 years!