Advantages of the Screwmentable

5 Jun 2021 News

Through the years, ADL Dental Laboratories Inc. has built a reputation not only on outstanding client service, but also with lab products that are precise and reliable. Our mission is to get it right the first time, and to ensure that your patient’s treatment is aided professionally and in a timely manner. One of the ways we do this is through our assistance in making the screwmentable. Let’s take a look at how this ADL Dental Labs appliance will be a great benefit to you and your patients, and how the process works

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Full Mouth Reconstructions

5 Apr 2021 News

When performing full mouth reconstructions, you need to feel confident in who you are working with. With over 45 years of experience, ADL Dental Laboratories Inc. has built the reputation of reliability and consistency, when working with clinics and their patients. From the essential information needed, to our streamline service, let’s discuss how we can help make your patient’s new smile a success!

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How We Can Help With Case Acceptance During Covid!

5 Mar 2021 News

Between lockdowns and tight restrictions, we understand that your clinic has had to adjust to the on-going changes brought by COVID-19. At ADL Dental Laboratories Inc, we know our consistent quality of products and personalized client service can help you rise above! Let’s take a look at why no patient should have a longer wait time, and how our model will help your clinic soar to new limits!

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Smile Makeover Case

5 Feb 2021 News

Our mission at ADL Dental Laboratories Inc. is to offer all our clinicians personal and consistent quality. With 45 years of service, we make sure everything fits right the first time! Whether it’s a single unit, or a full mouth reconstruction, we want to save our clients time by ensuring the process is quick and seamless with minimal adjustments. Here, we can see the work of Prosthodontist Dr. Marshall Fagin, where one of his patients received a smile makeover using ADL.

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Benefits of Digital Impressions

5 Nov 2020 News

Anyone that practices dentistry can attest that the traditional method of taking dental impressions has its fair share of challenges. It requires many items to execute, physical transportation from the clinic to a lab, and increases the risk of cross-infections. Thanks to technology, digital impressions are transforming the way dental experts fix their patients’ dental issues.

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Questions To Ask Your Dental Lab

5 Oct 2020 News

Dental labs play a critical role in dentistry, and communication is the key to success! Your lab plays an important part in how your dental prosthetics are made and ultimately your patient’s satisfaction. At ADL Dental Laboratories, consistent quality, personal service, and over 44 years of industry experience is what allows us to help you create better results. If you’ve just opened up a new practice or are looking to work with a new dental lab, we recommend asking these questions before moving forward:

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How Your Dental Lab Can Help You This Fall!

5 Sep 2020 News

And just like that, we’re already heading into a new fall season! Our fully digital dental lab is equipped with all the latest technology and over 40 years of experience to help your practice this fall. For your convenience, we’ve also extended our hours to be open on Saturdays for pick ups!

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