Full Mouth Reconstructions

5 Apr 2021 News
When performing full mouth reconstructions, you need to feel confident in who you are working with. With over 45 years of experience, ADL Dental Laboratories Inc has built the reputation of reliability and consistency, when working with clinics and their patients. From the essential information needed, to our streamline service, let’s discuss how we can help make your patient’s new smile a success!

Communication Is Key!

Nothing means more to us than the quality of service we provide, and the products we offer. When planning for full mouth reconstruction cases, we advise our clients to send us their patients diagnostic models. We can then collaboratively discuss what is needed to achieve the best outcome. It’s important to keep us updated on any changes, as we always work with your patient’s end result in mind. 

To help us do the best job possible, we need as much information about your patient as you can provide! Are they doing this for medical, or cosmetic reasons? Is the patient’s vertical being opened up? These are just a few examples of the important, detailed information we need to make your patients smile a success! Based on these needs, we will then create a plan with you on what is best for the patient.

Streamline Service

At ADL Dental Labs, we are dedicated to you and your patient, and will be there for your support during the entire process. Keeping consistent communication between us, and your practice is the best way to ensure great results. If your patient needs adjustments, or their needs change during the process, please connect with us as soon as possible!

Call Us Today

Never be afraid to reach out to our lab. We believe information is key, and want to support you, and your client anyway possible. From dentists, to prosthodontists, we serve a wide variety of clinics and cases. We also provide services for cosmetic dentistry, implants, and digital impressions. For more information, call our toll-free number at 1-800-668-0173. We look forward to connecting with you, and helping your patients improve their smiles!


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