Advantages of the Screwmentable

5 Jun 2021 News
Through the years, ADL Dental Laboratories Inc. has built a reputation not only on outstanding client service, but also with lab products that are precise and reliable. Our mission is to get it right the first time, and to ensure that your patient’s treatment is aided professionally and in a timely manner. One of the ways we do this is through our assistance in making the screwmentable. Let’s take a look at how this ADL Dental Labs appliance will be a great benefit to you and your patients, and how the process works

Defining A Screwmentable 

A screwmentable is a crucial part in a patient’s restoration treatment. This is where ADL Dental Labs takes the crown and abutment, and cements them together in our lab. A vast amount of dental work requires cementation, such as bonding, veneers, and crowns. However, our screwmentable process makes your case a little easier. As our technique ensures the screwmentable is already cemented, you will not only be saving your patient time in the chair, but some extra labour on your part!

The screwmentable makes the doctor’s life easier when cured in a professional way compared to a handheld system. This is a great option as screwmentables are less expensive than custom abutments, and make for a great alternative. The ADL Dental Labs process will not only save you time, but your practice money as well!


How We Make Our Screwmentable

Our team works by curing the screwmentable in a professional curing unit. This is a better solution to what dentists have available on the chair side in a smaller unit. ADL Dental Labs can cement the crown to the abutment, so the crown is delivered to the doctor as one piece! In an ideal case, we make the screwmentable by using stock parts, right from the implant manufacturers. These are typically known as TiBase, Variobase or Universalbase. By using these stock parts, we can help to keep your costs low! Only when an implant is placed too deep, or there is an angulation issue, we are not able to use stock abutments. In these cases, we will make a custom abutment for your patient.


Learn More With Dr. Marshall Fagin!

On Wednesday July 21 from 7:00 to 8:30 PM, Dr. Marshall Fagin will be hosting a special presentation for our clients and guests on cementation! The presentation is titled “Cements, Materials and Preps: Their Impact on Colour Outcomes and Long Term Success” and the key objectives are to learn rationale for material selection and how tooth preparation, material choice and colour outcomes impact each other.

Learn the three key questions to aid in cement selection, and how cement shade can be used to impact final colour outcomes, strength of restoration and retention. Email our office at or call us at 1-800-668-0173 to register today!


More About Dr. Marshall Fagin

Dr. Marshall Fagin is a Prosthodontist and as an international lecturer and educator for over 35 years, he frequently updates his colleagues on the most recent advances in his specialty, including cosmetic and implant dentistry and on complex major crown and bridge cases. In 2013 he received the highest honor given by his local Dental Society, the coveted Frank Stone Award, for his many years of contributions to dentistry, dental education and to organized dentistry. While in private practice, he is also a part-time Associate Professor at SUNY’s Dental School in the Post-Grad Prosthodontic Residency Program and was instrumental in starting implant dentistry education there in the late 1980’s. He has conducted several “Hands-On” courses for dentists on “Anterior Esthetic Makeovers” at the school’s Esthetic Dentistry Education Center and for the University of Florida School of Dentistry’s Mastership Program in Fixed Prosthetics as well as Esthetics and Implant courses for AGD chapters. Dr. Fagin served as Prosthodontist adviser and presenter for several Implant Study Clubs over the past 35 years. He presents for Dental Laboratories around the country to help dentists get back to the basics so labs can provide them with better outcomes.  He was voted by his colleagues for several years to “Best Dentists in America” , “Global Who’s Who Man of the Year” in Dental Health , “Top Dentists” and was elected to faculty membership in the Honorary Dental Society Omicron Kappa Upsilon. He was awarded Diplomat status in the International