ADL Knows The Importance of Digital Dentistry

11 Mar 2019 News

It’s true, we are all in the ‘digital age’, including the dental industry! Dentistry Today has reported that the digital dentistry equipment market is booming. Dental practices are moving towards the digitization of their businesses for better workflow efficiency, accuracy and to remain competitive. With this move, they will also need a partner who can provide digital options while maintaining quality, consistency and communication.

At ADL Dental Laboratories in Markham, we are proud to be a fully digital compatible lab. Doctors can easily connect with our lab using their intra oral scanners (iTeroCerec, Carestream and Trios). We are here to help make communication seamless through digital dentistry! This allows you to focus on your patient care without worrying about quality. Our lab is staffed with experienced technicians to help support your dental practice. Contact us to learn more about how we can help save you time, money and resources with digital dentistry!

The realm of dentistry has undergone a profound revolution with the advent of digital technology, and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) recognizes and champions the pivotal significance of digital dentistry in transforming oral healthcare. Digital dentistry represents a paradigm shift, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to enhance diagnosis, treatment, and patient outcomes.

The ADL acknowledges that digital dentistry encompasses a spectrum of innovative tools and methodologies, such as CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing), intraoral scanners, 3D imaging, and dental lasers. These technologies empower dentists to deliver precise, personalized, and efficient care to patients.

One of the primary advantages of digital dentistry lies in its ability to improve diagnostics and treatment planning. High-resolution 3D imaging and intraoral scanners allow for detailed and accurate assessments, enabling dentists to detect issues earlier and plan treatments with unprecedented precision. Moreover, digital workflows streamline the creation of dental restorations, prosthetics, and aligners, ensuring a more comfortable and tailored experience for patients.

The ADL recognizes the patient-centric approach fostered by digital dentistry. Patients benefit from reduced chair time, minimally invasive procedures, and a more engaging understanding of their treatment plans through visual aids and simulations. Additionally, digital technologies enable seamless communication between dental professionals, fostering interdisciplinary collaborations that enhance treatment outcomes.

Furthermore, the ADL acknowledges the environmental sustainability inherent in digital dentistry. By minimizing the need for physical impressions, reducing material waste, and optimizing treatment efficiency, digital approaches align with eco-conscious practices.

In conclusion, digital dentistry stands as a transformative force within the field, elevating precision, patient care, sustainability, and interdisciplinary collaboration. The ADL supports and values the ongoing evolution of digital dentistry, recognizing its pivotal role in revolutionizing oral healthcare for the betterment of patients and practitioners alike.