Getting the Best Quality Implants for Your Patients

17 Jun 2019 News

Implants are an effective way to replace natural teeth because they allow patients to maintain their old lifestyle to someextent. However, the effectiveness of the treatment depends primarily on the quality of the implants. At ADL Labs in Markham, we value quality and produce some of the best implants in the market. Here are some of the distinct advantages of using our implants:

  1. We Provide All Types of Implants

Whether your patient needs a single anterior implant or an entire set, we can help. Our company provides resilient and durable implants that will stand the test of time if they’re cared for properly. We offer custom titanium, zirconium, and gold hue abutments.

  1. Flat Fees

Our services are available at flat fees, which makes it easier for dentists to provide quotes to their patients. Our team will keep you informed about any changes so you can adjust the quotes accordingly.

  1. Digital Impression Files

We accept digital impression files so you can use 3D scanners and CAD systems to create an accurate representation of the patient’s teeth. We will use the information provided in these scans to create the implants.

If you would like to learn more about implant technologies, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at ADL Labs. You can call 1 888 285 4110 or use our contact us form