ADL Laboratories Will Be At The Toronto Implant Institute This Spring!

4 Feb 2019 News
The Toronto Implant Institute focuses on advancing implant dentistry in today’s technology-focused world. Their mission is to improve the quality of dental health in the communities of their members. They aim to achieve this by providing resources to increase the skills of professionals. From world-renowned clinicians to leading researchers, the Toronto Implant Institute offers clinically applicable lectures, hands-on workshops, live patient surgeries and interactive group treatment planning sessions.
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The Importance of Dental Health

28 Jan 2019 News

The human body is composed of a complex system with interconnected parts. As one part of our body becomes problematic, other areas can also be significantly affected. An example is the study of poor oral hygiene resulting in gum disease which has been linked to serious health problems like heart disease and diabetes. Assisting your patients with premium dental care can help their overall health.

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3D Printing as a Game Changer in the Dental Industry

26 Jan 2019 News

Leaps of success in science and technology have made the lives of people from all walks of life more comfortable. Problems are solved, and questions are answered as innovations and inventions help humankind venture into the unknown and embrace the positive changes towards the future. In the field of dentistry, it is crucial for practitioners and professionals to keep up current technology. Today, 3D printing technology is spearheading these positive changes as more and more dentists around the globe use these devices and techniques to help their patients with their needs.

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