Smile Makeover Case

5 Feb 2021 News

Our mission at ADL Dental Laboratories Inc. is to offer all our clinicians personal and consistent quality. With 45 years of service, we make sure everything fits right the first time! Whether it’s a single unit, or a full mouth reconstruction, we want to save our clients time by ensuring the process is quick and seamless with minimal adjustments. Here, we can see the work of Prosthodontist Dr. Marshall Fagin, where one of his patients received a smile makeover using ADL.


How Do We Work?

During the pre-treatment plan, Dr. Fagin worked with his patient and ADL lab technician to create a diagnostic wax-up to give her an idea of what her new smile would look like. We believe that the more time that goes into the planning stage, the better the desired results you’ll achieve. Once Dr. Fagin and his patient agreed on the wax-up, our lab provided a matrix of the diagnostic wax where Dr. Fagin could then make a “temporary smile.” You can think of this stage like a test drive. The patient can see her new smile and assess how she feels about the length, shape, and shade. This is the best time to make changes before fabricating final restorations. As shown in the images below, Dr. Fagin’s patient achieved her desired results of a stunning new smile with minimal adjustments. 




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To make this as easy as possible for both Dr. Fagin and his patient, ADL is there for support during the entire process. From pretreatment planning to case consultants we do it all. At ADL, we are known for the highest quality of service and take pride in helping both our clinicians and their patients with precision. ADL Laboratories Inc. is located in Markham – Toronto, but services clinics nationwide. For any inquiries, please fill out our contact form and we will make sure to get back to you. You can reach our Toronto Lab directly at 905-940-2728 or call our toll free number at 1-800-668-0173.