The Importance of Dental Health

28 Jan 2019 News

The human body is composed of a complex system with interconnected parts. As one part of our body becomes problematic, other areas can also be significantly affected. An example is the study of poor oral hygiene resulting in gum disease which has been linked to serious health problems like heart disease and diabetes. Assisting your patients with premium dental care can help their overall health.

At ADL we provide excellent dental health resources to professional dentists and prosthodontists. These resources are accessible through our service offerings which include:

For over 40 years, ADL has provided consistent quality, integrity, and professionalism through these services. ADL sees dental health as one of the most important aspects of the human body. With this focus in mind we are is proud to provide only the best services for dental professionals. Contact our dental lab in Markham to learn how our lab can benefit your practice