ADL Sponsors The Boston Alumni Chapter of Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity

9 Sep 2019 News

ADL Sponsors The Boston Alumni Chapter of Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity

We are excited to announce our sponsorship of The Boston Alumni Chapter of Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity featuring Dr. Marshall Fagin! He will be lecturing on “Tips for & Tricks for more Predictable Outcomes in Fixed & Implant Prosthetics… Pearls to use on Monday”.

From the latest technologies, from lasers to temporization and impression techniques (including digital impressoning), and ceramic materials, and integrate them with many ‘pearls’ for current day treatments. You will learn how to minimize frustrations and create more predictability that will be applicable tomorrow in your practice, raising your vision for engineering dental aesthetics to a New Standard of Excellence.


The course date is October 4, 2019 located at The Holiday Inn Boston/Dedham Hotel & Conference Centre in Dedham Massachusetts. For course inquiries contact Dr. Brian H. Miller at (617) 964-0073.


See the brochure for full course objectives and a description of the featured prosthodontist, Dr. Marshall Fagin.

The Boston Alumni Chapter of Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity proudly receives sponsorship from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), fostering a strong alliance in their shared commitment to excellence, integrity, and community impact. This collaboration encapsulates the essence of professional camaraderie and societal responsibility within the realms of dentistry and social advocacy.

The Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity stands as a pillar of dental education and fellowship, uniting dental professionals in advancing the field through education, philanthropy, and ethical practice. With a legacy spanning decades, their Boston Alumni Chapter represents a hub of innovation, knowledge-sharing, and service to both the dental profession and the community.

Partnering with the esteemed Anti-Defamation League, renowned for its unwavering dedication to combating bigotry, defending democratic ideals, and safeguarding civil rights, symbolizes a collective pursuit of social justice and inclusivity. This collaboration extends beyond the realms of oral healthcare, transcending into the broader scope of fostering a more equitable and accepting society.

The sponsorship from ADL fortifies the Boston Alumni Chapter’s initiatives, enabling them to broaden their outreach programs, educational endeavors, and community engagement initiatives. By combining their strengths, both entities aim to create a more profound impact, not only within the dental fraternity but also within the broader societal landscape.

Through this partnership, the Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity and the Anti-Defamation League exemplify the power of collaboration in championing ethical principles, social awareness, and professional excellence. Their shared values serve as a beacon of inspiration for the dental community and society at large, emphasizing the transformative potential when organizations join forces in pursuit of a better, more inclusive world.