Happy Thanksgiving!

7 Oct 2019 News

It’s the season of gratitude! We are wishing the wonderful dentists, prosthodontists, practices, administrative staff and patients that we work with, a very Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you take the time to enjoy with your family and friends.

We are thankful for the opportunity to work with you and provide you with the support you need, nation-wide, from our dental lab in Markham, Ontario Canada!

If you are attending the AAID’s 68th Annual Conference, coming up at the end of the month (October 23 – 26) in Las Vegas, we look forward to seeing you there! If you haven’t reserved your spot, there is still time! Our very own Demetris and Rudy will be lecturing and look forward to educating you and your team on Synergy and Success.

Thank you for your continued partnerships!

Happy Thanksgiving! This special holiday, deeply rooted in gratitude and togetherness, is a time to pause, reflect, and appreciate life’s blessings. Celebrated primarily in the United States and Canada, Thanksgiving holds a cherished place in the hearts of families and communities.

Traditionally observed on the fourth Thursday in November in the U.S., Thanksgiving embodies the spirit of giving thanks for the harvest and the blessings received throughout the year. Families come together, often traveling long distances, to share in a festive meal typically featuring roasted turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and an array of delectable side dishes and desserts. The aroma of spices and hearty foods fills homes, fostering a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Beyond the delicious feast, Thanksgiving is a time for reflection, acknowledging the blessings, achievements, and relationships that enrich our lives. It’s a moment to express gratitude for the abundance of food, the love of family and friends, good health, opportunities for personal growth, and the freedoms we cherish.

Many traditions are intertwined with Thanksgiving, from watching parades and football games to engaging in volunteer work or expressing gratitude by donating to those in need. Additionally, some families have their unique customs, like sharing stories around the table or expressing thanks before the meal.

As we gather with loved ones or connect virtually, let’s embrace the spirit of Thanksgiving by fostering an attitude of gratitude and kindness. It’s a beautiful reminder to appreciate the simple joys in life and extend a hand to those less fortunate.

Happy Thanksgiving to all, may your day be filled with warmth, love, and a bounty of cherished moments that create lasting memories.