Benefits of Digital Impressions

5 Nov 2020 News

Anyone that practices dentistry can attest that the traditional method of taking dental impressions has its fair share of challenges. It requires many items to execute, physical transportation from the clinic to a lab, and increases the risk of cross-infections. Thanks to technology, digital impressions are transforming the way dental experts fix their patients’ dental issues.

What are Digital Impressions?

Digital impressions are computer-generated copies of the soft and hard tissues in the mouth. These virtual impressions are usually created using intra-oral scanners. The digital impressions allow dentists to observe a patient’s teeth on a computer screen rather than using traditional methods, such as using a mirror, X-ray, or using a mold.

Top Benefits of Taking Digital Impressions

With this advanced technology, there are several benefits to look forward to. The following are the aspects that make using digital impressions a better approach:

  1. Speed

Taking digital impressions is a speedy procedure that takes little time to complete. Not only do procedures for digital impressions require patients to spend less time in the dentist’s chair, but they also have quick turnaround times. This is because digital files don’t need to be disinfected nor to be transported to a lab.

  1. Better Patient Experience

The process of taking digital impressions is relatively quick, with far less remakes and chair-side adjustments required. In one study, patients said that digital impressions were more comfortable than traditional impression-taking techniques.

  1. Accuracy

When creating impressions using a mold, there’s always room for error, as dental impressions can have defects, voids, distortions, or air bubbles. Taking impressions digitally eliminates these errors as it allows the dentist to check tooth preparations more accurately and to adjust preps accordingly.

  1. Convenience

Digital impressions are extremely convenient because they can be sent to the lab with the click of a button rather than transported or mailed. Furthermore, dentists can store patient data digitally, which makes the retrieval and processing of patient data easy.

  1. Safety

The traditional way of making dental impressions carries some risk of infection from soiled impressions. Contaminated objects coming from dental labs can also be a source of cross-infection. The good thing about taking digital impressions is that it has no cast handling, thus lowers the risk of cross-infection.

How ADL Dental Laboratories Can Help

If you’ve just established a new dental practice in Markham or are looking for a reliable dental lab you can collaborate with, you need to look no further than ADL Dental Laboratories! We are a fully digital dental lab that understands the convenience, efficiency, and safety of using digital solutions. We accept digital impression files from 3Shape, ITero, Trios, and Cerec – Dentsply Sirona (Primescan etc) to provide dental clinics with high-quality dental prosthetics for their esteemed clients.

If you have any questions about digital impressions or would like to know more about ADL Dental Labs, don’t hesitate to contact us or to call us at 1.844.243.9956 today for more information.


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