Questions To Ask Your Dental Lab

5 Oct 2020 News

Dental labs play a critical role in dentistry, and communication is the key to success! Your lab plays an important part in how your dental prosthetics are made and ultimately your patient’s satisfaction. At ADL Dental Laboratories, consistent quality, personal service, and over 44 years of industry experience is what allows us to help you create better results. If you’ve just opened up a new practice or are looking to work with a new dental lab, we recommend asking these questions before moving forward:

  1. “Do you send work overseas?”

Sometimes dental labs will send work to places like China, India or Mexico in an effort to keep costs low. This is a problem because these locations don’t have compliance laws and the material used are often unknown. Make sure to confirm where the prosthetics are made and where the materials are sourced. At ADL, we fabricate everything from single units to full mouth reconstructions with minimal adjustments or remakes right in our Canadian facility.

  • “Can I have a lab tour?”

As long as there is nothing to hide, dental labs shouldn’t have a problem with giving you a tour! Ask to meet with the lab owner and check the facility for cleanliness, professionalism and respect for the prosthetics. If there are any red flags, consider going with a different lab. If you’re interested in touring our ADL lab, contact us today!

  • “Do you use CDA-approved materials?”

This is a very important question for the sake of your patient’s wellbeing. If a price sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Make sure that materials are manufactured by reputable companies and materials are lead-free. At ADL, we use materials such as E-max, high quality Zirconias, We work with the best!

  • “What does the future look like?”

We’re currently living in unprecedented times and you want to make sure you go with a lab that you can rely on! Ask them what their plans are for the future and how they plan to keep up with trends and increasing demands. Are they a digital lab? At ADL, we accept digital impression files from ITero, 3Shape, Cerec Blue Sirona, Trios to provide your practice with advanced and quality dental prosthetics.

Work With ADL Dental Labs In Markham!

We are open and ready to answer all of your questions! If you would like to learn more about ADL Dental Labs and the Markham dental laboratory services we offer, please fill out a contact form today! We’d be happy to talk to you about what we can offer your practice, such as cosmetic dentistry, full mouth reconstruction, implants and more!