Improving Patient Satisfaction By Partnering with a Quick-Response Dental Lab

5 Dec 2019 News

As the holidays near, many patients are trying to leave oral health problems in the passing year. That’s why dental offices are often overwhelmed with appointments just before Christmas. Improving the patient’s appearance before the holidays often becomes the top goal of any dentist.

While fixing a chipped tooth or filling a cavity is a same-day procedure, dealing with veneers, implants, and dentures may be time-consuming.

That’s where collaborating with a quick-response lab comes in. At ADL Dental Laboratories in Markham, ON, we offer a wide variety of services, including same-day work.

Promotional Efforts: Brighter Smiles For Christmas 

By partnering with a quick-response lab, you can improve your dental office’s marketing efforts. What can be a better conversion tool than offering high-quality dental work in time for an upcoming event? After all, nobody wants to travel home or meet friends with a missing tooth or a broken denture.

When you are sure about your lab’s response times, you can adjust your promotional message and improve client satisfaction substantially.

Psychological Effect: Taking Good Care of Your Patients 

Even the most dedicated professional dentists get poor reviews from their patients when a crown doesn’t arrive on time or a veneer has an improperly matched colour. Such mishaps make a bad impression on the patients, affecting their choice of the clinic in the future.

The realization that your client’s satisfaction doesn’t solely depend on your professionalism is tough. That’s why it’s important to collaborate with a reputable lab and provide top-notch services all year round.

Partnership to Enjoy Peace of Mind 

At ADL Dental Laboratories, we are excited about contributing to the success of your company. We work hard to provide high-quality services to all our partners and respond to their needs as quickly as possible. For more information about our services and guarantees, please contact us today.