Why Work with a Fully Digital Dental Lab?

5 Nov 2019 News

When it comes to choosing a dental lab there can be an overwhelming number of options. At ADL Dental Labs, we would like to share with you why choosing a full service and fully digital dental lab, is the best option for you.

1.) Ease of communication
There is no secret that communication is the key to every success! With a fully digital lab, we are able to pass information between one another with ease. We use integrated communication systems to efficiently communicate with you.

2.) Flexible
Here at ADL Dental Laboratories, we accept digital impression files from a variety of scanners including ITero, 3Shape, Cerec Blue Sirona, Trios and Intra Oral Scan. Whatever tech you use, chances are we can accommodate you!

3.) Faster results
Since many of our processes are digital, it allows us to receive your scans and information faster. This way we can provide you with the results your practice requires, faster than traditional methods.

With over 40+ years of experience in the industry, we provide knowledgable and consistent service. We are innovative and stay up to date with the latest technologies to ensure we are as efficient and accommodating as possible. If you would like to discuss working with us, please do not hesitate to contact us today! ADL Dental Laboratories services nation-wide. Our local office is located in Markham. Contact us today!